SATURDAY READ: The special abilities in the new army for Neuroshima Hex!

As we described last week, the Merchant’s Guild introduces a new way of looking at token draws – from now on, instead of choosing the worst token out of the three you’ve drawn and discarding it, you must decide which of these three will allow you to manage the gambles the best (and gambles BTW is the currency of the Neuroshima Hex world). By discarding tokens, we earn cash, and the earned cash is used to pay mercenaries!

Bomber Chris and his buddies

When introducing these tokens onto the board, we must pay for their special ability. If we do so, the token enters the board with an active ability. If we can’t afford the payment, we cover the unit’s ability with a Deactivation token, and the unit turns into an ordinary warrior.

A few examples? Bomber Chris, instead of a Melee attack, will be able to Detonate at the beginning of the Battle. Welder, in addition to a Ranged shot with Initiative 1, will be able to Push Back. The Scout Leader will gain Reconnaissance, which allows them to return any previously killed unit to the token pool. The Debt hunter can shoot with Strength 2, but when paid for, gains the Sharpshooter ability.

You won’t have enough gambles for everything. There won’t be enough cash to pay for all abilities. Choices must be made.

Choices in games are a good thing.

Hacker and Daredevil

Two super powerful and super cheeky tokens have also joined the army – Hacker and Daredevil. Daredevil wreaks havoc around in close combat with Initiative 2, while Hacker has two awesome nets connected to a Melee attack.

But they value themselves. They want money, lots of money.

Hacker and Daredevil are subject to the Contract rule. During the Battle, in their Initiative phase, you either pay them cash to perform an attack, or… they withdraw from the battlefield. They literally say “Bye,” and you remove their tokens from the board.

That’s also it. It’s worth having a few gambles in reserve for a rainy day in case the opponent triggers a Battle, and you’re just before payday…


The third element that the Merchant’s Guild introduces is a special type of token known from the Mephisto army – Implants.

Implants lie on the board; they don’t attack, they don’t provoke the opponent, but they allow the player to perform – for a fee! – special actions.

The Strategist Implant allows the player to move and rotate any of their own tokens. The Briber Implant allows the player to rotate any enemy token on the board!

OK, I lied. They don’t attack, but yes, they do provoke them all the time! Well, at least, as long, as you have some cash on you!

The Merchant’s Guild army is available for pre-sale on the Portal Games website, both for EU [link] and US customers [link]!

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