Robinson Crusoe – Collector’s Edition – Update #9 – 4 new minis added to the game!

4 new minis added to the game!

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New epic Daily Unlock revealed
Another day in, and today we have good news, a great daily unlock and Game Designer Journal as a bonus. Sounds good? Ready? Let’s go!
Does the book fit the box?
The official answer is no, it doesn’t. We will not create a dedicated storage solution for it because it is not part of the product, and many fans will have the base game and won’t have the Book of Adventures. That would be really awkward to have space in the plastic insert for the item you don’t own. The book is thick, sturdy, and will present nicely on your shelf next to the box.
The unofficial answer to the question is that, most likely, you will easily fit the book into the box on top of rulebooks and board. We will be ready to present photos when we have final samples from the manufacturer and post them in future updates.
How do editions differ
We receive in the comments many questions about various editions of the game and how they differ. I asked my art department to prepare a comprehensive infographic. I hope it will be helpful for you. 
Shipping confirmation
There is many questions from you about regions for fulfillment of the product. Serbia, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina are all Europe for shipping cost calculation.
We already had camp miniature, we also had a Horse miniature, what about having 4 (four!) additional miniatures at once? We are not watering bonuses, spreading them over several days, we are giving all we can to surprise you every day! We keep adding crazy stuff to the Base Game and hope you enjoy these Daily Unlocks!
Today we are announcing Lantern, Basket, Compass, and Shield miniatures. Previously presented Friday and Horse are Companion miniatures that help players in various actions. Lantern, Basket, Compass, and Shield are Supporting Items. Each of these items helps in particular actions, that is, Building, Gathering, Exploring, and Hunting. 
In the regular version of the game, these items are represented by the wooden pawn. 
IMPORTANT: There are 4 sculpts, but there is all together 10 pieces (couple of Lanterns, couple of Baskets etc)!
Important: These 4 miniatures are another Daily Unlock and will be part of your copy of Robinson Crusoe Collector’s Edition. These miniatures will fit into the box. 
In the Beginner’s Corner today, I won’t discuss the rules of the game. Today I will discuss the genre of the game. I see many Robinson Crusoe veterans who got used to the game as it is, who criticize miniatures added to the game and say that the game doesn’t need them. It’s an interesting point in general. Does any game need miniatures? Does Descent need them? Does Blood Rage need them? What’s the difference? Anyway, we won’t go that route. 
Let just me present my point of view on Robinson in particular.
Portal Games tagline is Board Games That Tell Stories. Robinson Crusoe’s subtitle is “Adventures on the Cursed Island”. It’s a clear message of what was my design goal here – Robinson Crusoe was always an adventure game for me. You roll dice, you have flavor text on cards, you have many scenarios. It’s a great adventure game. 
But that’s not all.
Robinson Crusoe is a family game. It’s one of these titles that offered me the most moving and unforgettable dad-kids moments. My daughter was six years old when I started designing the game, and she fell in love with it. She asked me to play it over and over. It’s the game I played the most with my kids (except Neuroshima Hex with my son!). It’s them vividly seeing with kids imagination all those amazing moments like hunting wild animals, exploring new lands, finding discoveries, building shelter – this game is every kids dream adventure. I had so many great game nights with my family and Robinson. We were saving Jenny, we were building wood pile, we were running away from Volcano. Great evenings to remember.
I can only imagine how cool it’d be if back then when my kids were younger, I could say:
“Here is your Soldier miniature” instead of “This wooden disc represents your Soldier.”
“This is your Dog” instead of “This black disc represents a dog.”
“This is Friday, he will help us survive” instead of “This white disc represent our friend Friday.”
“This is our Camp. Look, we can build it up during the game and add all these additional buildings and walls!” instead of “On these two tracks, we will track our Palisade and Roof level.”
Should I continue?
I really understand that veterans got used to playing with wooden pawns.
I really understand that many play solo, treat Robinson as an interesting puzzle, and don’t give a damn about the visual aspect, and would be fine with cardboard everything, including resources.
And I really, I really strongly disagree with players saying the game doesn’t need minis. Robinson Crusoe is a freaking fantastic family game that will shine with this pieces when you build Shelter, go explore with Dog or go gather with Basket. The theme will shine like never before. Robinson Crusoe will suck you into great stories and will build the best game-night experience you ever had with your close ones. 
I wish my kids had these miniatures. I wish my daughter had this Dog miniature when she was 6. I wish I could give her a Basket miniature and say: “Go, Gather, bring us some bananas.”
Be inclusive. Play with your family. Invite your non-gamer friends. Let the game speak to them with rules, with the theme, and with amazing pieces. Let them have a Dog, let them build the Camp, let them live the adventure! Don’t ask them to play with wooden cubes and pawns. It’s not a Knizia game. It’s freakin’ Trzewiczek design.
I am happy for your kids.
I am happy for your close ones.
These plastic pieces will make a magical evening at your home. Be ready for a great adventure with your family.

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