Robinson Crusoe – Collector’s Edition – Update #8 – New languages and shipping updates!

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You give feedback, we react!
Hi, there
Many things are happening, and I have much good news, so without further ado, let’s deep into the update!
Korean edition
As you may notice on the Game Found page, we added a new flag to the cover image! We are happy to confirm another language edition and welcome in the Robinson Crusoe family our Korean partner, Boardapia! They will do full version of the game, so you can back both the base Robinson Crusoe Collector’sEdition as well as Book of Adventues!
Shipping updates
We updated the table with shipping cost with the cost for bundles. Please, acknowledge that this is the estimated price. With bundles, it is challenging to predict the final weight of many copies of the product that doesn’t exist yet. Please, understand that this is estimated. We did our best to be as close as possible to the final cost. Thank you for your understanding. 
You give feedback, we react
Many of you put in the comments section your opinion that the new miniature of Friday differs from the base artwork on the card, and you’d prefer art matching the miniature. We ordered the new art piece, and we are happy to inform you that you will get the art on the card that matches the mini. Thank you for inspiring us to go the extra mile and create the best product possible.
It’s called the Book of Adventures. Not the Brochure of Adventures. Not the Booklet of Adventures. Not the Flyer of Adventures. It’s the Book of Adventures!
Today we are revealing another Stretch Goal, and this one is for all of you who appreciate the look and weight of your books. We are happy to announce that your copy of the Book of Adventures will be a hardbound edition with a thick, sturdy cover (2 mm cardboard) with thematic decorations and special effects like embossing with golden foil, hot stamping, soft-touch foil, and spot UV.
Yes, you read it right – we are not talking about one simple spot UV as a Stretch Goal – we are talking about all what’s possible to make this look absolutely gorgeous!
And while we have your attention, we would also like to confirm that the Book will be produced with spiral binding, so when you open it to play a scenario, it will lay flat on the table. 
Important: The hardback cover offered in this edition of the Book of Adventures will not be part of the regular retail version of the Book.
And we are back in beginners’ corner, and let me give you some inside about scenarios in Robinson Crusoe!
There were no scenarios in the initial prototype. The whole game was about gathering wood, building the wood pile and trying to fire it up in the right moment. That’s Robinson Crusoe story, right.
And then, there was this famous bathroom moment. I say famous because when you read interviews with various creators, they quite often refer to showers and bathroom breaks. Not sure what science has to say about the phenomenon, but I must admit. When I was going to the bathroom, Robinson Crusoe was 1:1 adaptation of the novel. A few minutes later, I run out of the bathroom, reached my desk, and started noting down like crazy. The game became a system to play the whole genre of adventure novels of the XIX century. Suddenly everything became possible, and the game became a tool for me to tell so many different stories!
In the base game of Robinson Crusoe, there are seven scenarios. The first one is the genre classic – gather wood, fire it up, and hope a nearby ship will spot you and rescue you. What are the others?
In Cursed Island, the mysterious fog covers the Island. You put white tokens on various spaces of the board, making the Island unavailable. Players are a team of an exorcist who must build crosses and push the dark forces from the Island. It’s fun little scenario with strong theme and little complexity.
Jenny Needs Help is one of the most legendary scenarios. One of the shipwrecks, Jenny is stuck on the rock few miles from the coast. You must build Raft and bring her to land before tide will grab her! It’s short scenario with a ton of tension, because you have only a few rounds to save the girl! And when you save her, she… You will see. It’s legendary, trust me.
Volcano Island, AKA Indiana Jones one is one of my personal favs. You are a band of treasure hunters on the island, and the volcano erupts! You must run! But you are treasure hunters, so you must run AND grab some treasures from various ruins and temples! It’s greed vs. reason; it’s one more treasure vs. we are going to die! It’s running to the coast, having hot lava one step behind you!
Cannibal Island is the hardest scenario to win. I myself entertained many players playing on YouTube in live stream format this scenario and dying miserably. This scenario tells the story of a cannibal city that we must conquer and destroy! There is a ton of fighting, a ton of building weapons, and a ton of wounds! Fun time. And you gonna die.
Family Robinson scenario is obviously an adaptation of another great novel of the genre – The Swiss Family Robinson. It is the longest one in the set, and in it, you are castaways who accepted the fact there is no rescue and live on the island. There is farming; there are kids; there is a long and calm way of playing the game. Very different from crazy Volcano!
The last mission is King Kong. Guess what – you are a film crew. You hunt the beast. You die miserably.
That’s seven. Each super unique and different. In the Book of Adventures we have them over 50. Can you imagine that? That’s insane.
Thank you for today, and of course, I have for you another surprise – a new video with Paul presenting new scenarios from The Book of Adventures scenario.

Thank you for being with us and please, please, share the word about this campaign on social media. We appreciate your support here!

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