Robinson Crusoe – Collector’s Edition – Update 6 – Epic strech goal – 55 additional cards!!!

Epic strech goal – 55 additional cards!!!

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We celebrate Sunday with huge stretch goal!
Today’s update will be shorter than usual. Today we unlocked a really epic item, so I must discuss it even though it is Sunday! 🙂
In the Brief updates section, I have only one topic today. I want to thank all backers who are active in the comments section and answer various questions from other backers and visitors. 
I turned on my computer today to log into the comments section and start answering all the questions, and it turned out that so many of them were already answered by you! That was amazing. I really appreciate you watching my back and being my wingman. Thank you for that. I really mean it. Thank you.
Today we unlocked a really epic item. I believe you already see the pattern with some of the stretch goals here. We started with a competitive scenario that you asked for. Then we had horror scenario you asked during the draft of the campaign. Today we unlocked something you all – fans of Robinson – asked since 2012! The pattern is simple – we listen, and we react. 
Today’s unlock is a whole deck (55 cards!) of scenario dedicated invention cards! It’s not Daily update with 1 card. It is not Daily update with 3 cards. It’s a whole freakin’ deck of 55 cards we are adding to your copy of the Book of Adventures!
In Robinson Crusoe, most of the scenarios have a dedicated Invention connected with the theme and goal of the scenario. For instance, in the Castaways scenario, you can build an Axe, so you chop wood faster to make a big pile of wood. In the Jenny needs help scenario, you create Raft to save Jenny. In the Robinson Family scenario, you build a Moat to protect your household. And so on and so on. 
Unlike regular inventions that are on the cards, scenario dedicated inventions are printed on the scenario sheet. Fans asked us for a promo item that gathers all of them as separate cards, but our answer for years was always the same – every few months, we publish a new scenario. This deck never will be up-to-date, and with new scenarios published, new invention cards will be missing in the deck.
Now, with the release of the Book of Adventures, the epic collection of all single scenarios, we are able to make it happen and print one big deck of 55 cards, all those inventions that are presented in the book! 
I hope you are as excited as I am! 55 cards!
Scenario dedicated invention cards deck is a free bonus added to each copy of the Book of Adventures in this campaign. It will not be part of the retail version of the book.
Please, share the good news with all fans!
Today we unlocked 55 cards! We must celebrate it with me discussing Inventions in Robinson Crusoe. And of you who are with me here all week long know that before we talk board games, we will talk books…
And we will start with the Positivism movement in the literature:
“The English noun positivism was re-imported in the 19th century from the French word positivisme, derived from positif in its philosophical sense of ‘imposed on the mind by experience’.”
Julius Verne lived in the second half of the XIX century. The era of great technological progress, great minds coming up with life-changing inventions, and bright minds of the era bringing one revolution after another. Verne, like many others, was fascinated by it. He strongly believed in science and knowledge. 
Mysterious Island is a few hundred pages adventure that on every single page praises science. Characters change their dramatic situation into safe and comfortable with their knowledge and science coming up with new inventions and tools in every chapter. 
I had to bring it to Robinson Crusoe. Technology tree, creating tools, using resources found on the island to create items – that was essential for the genre!
In the game we have 5 different terain types (Mountains, Hills, Rivers, Plains, Beach) and each of these types unlocks chance to build different tools.
If you find Mountains, you will gain access to Fire because you will find flint among rocks. 
If you find River, you will gain access to Map, because it is easier to draw map of the area, when you go along the river and won’t get lost.
If you find Plains, you will gain access to Cure, because on plains there are herbs you can gather.
If you find Hills, you will gain access to Bricks, because there is clay on the hills.
And so on, and so on. 
And when I say technology tree, I mean it. 
If you build Bricks and Fire, you can now build Fireplace.
If you build Cure, you can now also build Poisonous Weapon.
If you build one item, you can unlock access to another Invention.  As you play you decide what Invention to build not only based on function of the tool and how it helps you, but also by what other inventions you will unlock and get access to. It’s a pretty cool choice for all players.
I might be wrong, but I believe that if Julius Verne could play the game, he would like it. I did my best to appreciate the spirit of his novels. 
Thank you for today. 

I have another video with the presentation of the next two new scenarios from the Book of Adventures. Have a good watch. And have a great Sunday, and please, let other board games fans about this campaign. We are doing our best to bring you the best product possible!

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