Robinson Crusoe – Collector’s Edition – Update #3 – language editions and new stuff

Update #3 – language editions and new stuff

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Ignacy gives another news update!
Hi there,
This is Ignacy Trzewiczek, I am the designer of Robinson Crusoe, and I have another update in the campaign. Just like yesterday, I will divide it into a brief bullet-point style update and then, longer form with the description of new things we revealed!
Another day with some changes and clarifications. What we have today? 
French version
The French version will not be available in this campaign. I am very sorry to announce that. Every day we see how many French players ask for a French version in the comments, and we’d love to have it for you and invite you for this fantastic adventure, but unfortunately, it is impossible. due to the contract / legal reasons. I wish I had better news for you.
1st edition board
You asked in the comments if the 1st edition board from 2012 print runs (that is not square when folded) will fit the Collector’s Edition box (which is square-shaped). Indeed, these two shapes won’t work together. 
Our production department said we could produce a small print run of the additional boards and offer it as a small add-on for 1st edition owners. We offer it at low price just to offset the basic cost. We appreciate your ongoing support for years for the game.  Find it here!
Stretch goals explained
We see many questions about the stretch goals. We have prepared a dozen of stretch goals for Robinson Crusoe Collectors edition and these are free items that we will add to your copy of Robinson and won’t be available in regular retail version. We also have prepared a dozen of stretch goals for the Book of Adventures and these bonuses will improve your copy of Book of Adventures and will not be part of regular retail version of the book. If you pledge for game, you get for free stretch goals for the game. If you pledge for the book, you get for free all stretch goals for book. If you pledge both items, you get everything! 🙂
P.S. To make is super simple to recognize – each stretch goal has a small picture with product to which it is added for free!
The Dice Tower! We cannot promise you that with this Dice Tower, you will have more luck, and weather dice won’t roll snow clouds, but we can promise you that the rattle of the dice coming out from the volcano will add some flavor to your losing in Robinson Crusoe again! 🙂
Today’s Stretch Goal is this epic 12 cm (4.72 inches) high cardboard Dice Tower that will be added to each copy of Robinson Crusoe: Collector’s Edition!  This will not be part of regular retail edition!
We saw in many comments that you wanted a dice tray – well, we went one step further, and we hope you are really happy! As we said, we cannot promise good rolls, but all pieces will be safer, and dice won’t roll over the whole board messing with tokens and bits! If you like to have order on your table, you definitely will enjoy this Dice Tower!
BTW: This Dice Tower is especially convenient when you play scenarios from the Book of Adventures on the Hell difficulty level. The art will match perfectly, and you will die with class! 🙂
Our friends from Awaken Realms, who keep their fingers crossed for the campaign, told me yesterday: “Ignacy, what about you tell backers a few words how the game works? It’s obvious for you, but for them, it is a brand new game!”
I admit. I sometimes forget that there might be players who never played Robinson! Today – because of this epic Dice Tower – I’ll talk dice!
In Robinson Crusoe, each player has two miniatures. They represent two parts of the day. What did you do before lunch, and what did you do after lunch. For instance, you put one miniature on the new Island space to show that in the morning you go Explore, and the other miniature you put on the wood source, and that means that in the afternoon you were collecting branches for a fire! The other day you may put both your miniatures on the camp space to mark that for the whole day – before lunch and in the afternoon you were building camp.
Simple? Yep.
What’s difference in rules? What happens when you put two imniatures on a space and what happens when you put miniatures on two different spaces?
You know, I am not that brilliant designer to be honest. I didn’t come with something original. I just designed rules to show exactly what happens in real life. 😉
If you put two minis on one space and spend the whole day on one action, it means you were focused, determined and nothing interrupted you. You have automatic success. The action succeeded! Yay!
Now to the bad news…
If you put one mini on a space, it means you were rushing. You wanted, you know… two birds and one stone… You wanted to do too much. In this situation you take this epic dice tower, you take 3 dice, you throw them into dice tower and close your eyes…
One die represent success. You may succeed or not.
The other die represent adventure. You may have unexpected adventure (and draw a card) or luckily no adventure.
The last one die represent danger. You may hurt yourself and get wound, or nothing happen.
Simple? Oh, yes.
Try do everything slow and safe, spend two minis, spend the whole day on the action. And then, it turns out time Is running. You must rush things. You must risk. You must roll.
And funny things start to happen… 😉
Thank for being with us, I appreciate you and I see you tomorrow. Keep posting feedback and sharing news about the campaign, and I will keep giving you awesome news every single day!


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