Portal Games response to COVID-19

The industry is currently facing a situation that we have never seen before. From Publishers, distributors, retailers, and customers – every participant of the hobby game industry is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe. But this pandemic has been particularly difficult for our Friendly Local Game Stores, and especially those that in recent years have taken the initiative of improving our industry by focusing on creating warm, welcoming, and beautiful play spaces for us to spend time in. The stores that converted sale shelves and storage into play spaces that are now empty. The threat to those game stores is tangible and immediate.

What Portal Games is doing to support Friendly Local Game Stores

We have launched a support initiative in the US for local game stores using Kickback Codes. A store can reach out to us to receive a unique code to be used at PortalGamesUS.com. This code will grant a 10% discount to anyone that uses it, and will allow us to track the orders to the individual stores. Then at month’s end, Portal Games will dedicate 40% of the sale of active products from those orders to the stores through whichever payment method is most convenient for them. The customer will receive their new games, and the stores will receive a large portion of the sale. In doing this, the stores that had to close their doors can continue to service their customers, and the customers can continue to support their stores.

If you are a customer, please reach out to your store and tell them you wish to support them through this program. If you are a store, please contact David@PortalGamesUS.com to request your code. We are here to answer any and all questions you have.

We hope that this program can provide some relief in these strained times. Thank you to everyone for everything you do to support this industry.

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