Gliwice – June 17th, 2020. Portal Games announces starting a new channel to communicate with their fans. The current list of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels, which the company has been successfully using to share news for the last several years, will be expanded by Portal Games US Twitch channel, launching on June 20th.

That is another significant step for the leading creative board game studio in Europe, which has a long experience in broadcasting on YouTube. Fans recognize Portal Games as a developer who has been uploading an impressive amount of video materials: interviews with guests, gameplays, tutorials, news releases, chats, or even inside company tours. Since February 2017 Portal Games was also publishing a weekly vlog with behind the scenes look into the company’s everyday life. Over the past seven years, Portal Games posted around 500 videos.

Portal Games Twitch channel is run by those responsible for creating engaging videos over the years for YouTube as well as new contributors that include experienced independent YouTube content creators. The presentation of the team behind the channel and the official start of the channel is scheduled for Saturday, June 20th, at 8 p.m. CEST.

You will find our chanel here, click: Portal Games US Twitch channel

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