GDJ: Portal Games dev team discussed Ulaf Clan from Empires of the North

Every Meeple from Ulaf clan has simple life goal – to raze, pillage and conquer! They are feared Vikings! In this deck, there are so many options for you if you have a true Viking spirit! There are buildings that support Conquer and Pillage strategy. 

If you have Treasury, Watchtower or White keep, you go all-in in Conquering. These buildings award you with Victory Points each time you Conquer. If you have Twin ships, Priest of Thor and Valkyrie, you better Pillage, they offer great abilities dedicated to this strategy. Combined with a dozen of Buildings that support Sailing in general, you will have some fun in the northern seas! 

Our advice – you either focus very strongly on one of these strategies or rather find a balance and try to mini-max bonuses from Islands in the best way, a bit of Conquer and a bit of Pillaging.

Remember, if you decide on Pillage strategy, you will end up with some leftover Axes and that means, you can attack other players and make their Empire suffer. 

You are a Viking. You want your neighbors to suffer.

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