Eleven – how to play?

Eleven is an economic strategy board game for 1 to 4 players set in a world of sport. Your task is to manage and grow your own football club over the course of a season and outperform other teams.

How to play Eleven?

At the beginning of the game, you draft your Board of Directors. Each Director has specific preferences for how to run a club and unique abilities that may direct you toward specific strategies.

You also start with simple Stadium facilities that you can modernize throughout the game, as well as a team of basic Players with one Veteran, one Youngster, and a First Trainer to help your club reach greatness. The game plays out over the course of 6 Weeks (rounds), each consisting of 5 Days (stages).

Monday Meeting

Every Monday there is a Board Meeting, during which Directors decide on how to deal with events that occur around the club.

The next 3 days are your time to manage the club in a quest to gain an advantage over your competition.

Tuesday to Thursday actions

Each day you may perform one action and one free action.

Hire a Player

Hire a Youngster or spend more money to Contract an experienced Veteran—both of which may be trained later in the game.Each Player is either offensive or defensive, specializes in one section of the field, and often comes with an ability that may be triggered during the match.

Sell a Player

Selling Players can be a lucrative source of funds. Youngsters may gain experience playing on your team, and may then be sold to provide victory points and cash.

Hire new Staff

Hire Doctors, Fitness Trainers, Tacticians, Resource Managers, and many more to bring valuable bonus abilities and additional actions.

Contract a sponsor

Contracting Sponsors brings in a steady source of income for your club and some unique bonuses. You can sign 3 types of Sponsorship agreements: one-time deals bringing instant cash, long-term banner ads placed in your stadium, and long-term sponsorship deals when putting the sponsor’s logo on your team’s outfits.

Invest in Stadium Infrastructure

Equip your Stadium with lighting, new training grounds, additional seating sectors, adboards for new Sponsors, or a merchandise store. These investments take money, but also bring additional abilities and prestige to your club. You may also expand your Office, so your club can work faster and more efficiently.

Increase the Club’s potential

There are 4 main types of resources in the game: Cash, Fan Base, Operation, and Fitness. You gain resources at the beginning of each week according to the stats of your club, which fluctuate throughout the game depending on your decisions.

Use an action on a card or a token

Many of your Staff, Players, and Director cards offer their own specific actions which you can trigger as a main action or as an additional free action by using Operation.


After an entire week of hard work comes the Matchday. Before the Match you get some insider info about your Opponent—what Match formation they will use and what to expect from them. Based on that, you plan your formation and decide on which Players are sent to the field in which sections.
The Match is resolved by comparing attack and defense values on the pitch and by using Tactic cards. You can also trigger Players’ special abilities by spending Fitness.

The results of the match are marked on the League table where you can compare your position against the other clubs in the league.

End of the game

After 6 rounds, known as Weeks, the season ends. Each player gains points for their position on the League table, fulfilled Objectives, built Infrastructure and Offices, hired Staff, and sold Players. The player who scored the most points becomes the winner.


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