Eleven: Football Manager Board Game Update #1 – We hit a nice milestone!

Update #1 – We hit a nice milestone!

Euro 2021 is getting better with each day and we tease some info about the game!
Hi, there!
My name is Ignacy Trzewiczek. I am the owner of Portal Games and the head of the dev team at Portal Games. I will be personally responsible for all Updates in this campaign and along with Thomas Jansen answer your questions in the Updates section comments.
Nice to meet you.
As promised we do a blog every day during Euro. Every day I or Thomas write a short blog post about matches from the previous day and we share our passion and point of view on football. I believe it is a great way to get to know the designer of the game better and have some unique perspective on the game itself. I must tell you that even I learned few interesting things about Thomas, even though I work with him every day on Eleven for some time! And yet, these blog posts show him in a new super interesting angle! I strongly recommend checking the blog every day!
In most of the blog posts, Thomas or I drop some small bits about the game play of Eleven. The whole campaign for the game starts in September and we will have a ton of content for you that presents you the game, but if you are eager about it already, there is a spoiler almost every day. Enjoy Euro, enjoy our blog about Euro, and enjoy all the spoilers you can find between the lines! 🙂
Yesterday we hit an amazing milestone – we have now more than 3000 followers on this project. It is humbling and it is great to see there is so many board game fans who at the same time are passionate about football and are interested in our football manager game. I’d like personally thank each of you who spread the word about the game and helped us reach football fans in board game community. Thank you.
Today I’d like to encourage you to be vocal about the things you’d love to find in the game. We had this situation in the previous campaign I run (Robinson Crusoe Collectors Edition) when fans posted a ton of ideas and we really picked some of them and added them to the game. Global brainstorming can do amazing things.
So please, below this Update write what you want in this game. Write what is your dream football manager game. Write what will make you back us. Write what is the dream game, option, variant, rule you want in football manager. We will read every comment, and then brainstorm with Thomas and see what already is in the game, and what we can add.
It’s is your time to shape the game and motivate the dev team to work.
Spread the word
There are not many football board games. Publishers refuse to publish them when they receive prototypes. The common knowledge is that football games don’t sell. The common knowledge is that football fans are just a small niche among board gamers. The common knowledge is that there is no sense to publish a game for a such small and niche audience.
Eleven is quite the test. Prepared by established, worldwide known publisher. Build on top of beloved Club Stories. With art and components that are of the highest possible quality. Our hand is strong. We ready to play.
To win this game, though, we need you. We need every football fan to gather. We need every football fan to manifest and say loud and clear: “We are here. We want football games. Portal Games is not taking risk here. Portal Games is doing freaking obvious move releasing football manager we all waited for!”
Share this campaign.
Talk about it.
Link to it on FB groups.
Link to it on BGG.
Talk about it in pubs and stadiums.
We play in one team.

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