Eleven: Football Manager Board Game – prototype photos

Yesterday the Gamefound campaign started, and today we’ve got for you the Eleven: Football Manager Board Game prototype’s photos! ⚽ We added Gameplay All-In Pledge and unlocked the second Stretch Goal – Market mini-expansion – too! 📈

The campaign will run on Gamefound until September 28th. We have prepared a big lineup of Stretch Goals, which we will unlock every day as DAILY UNLOCKS, meaning that they will appear regardless of the level of funding the project. All Stretch Goals are Gamefound Exclusive!

Eleven is a football manager board game for 1 to 4 players in which your task is to manage and grow a football club and outperform the other teams over the course of a season. You will hire staff, develop their stadiums, sign up sponsors, transfer players, and play matches against other clubs.

Eleven is a reimplementation of Club Stories. It has been designed by Thomas Jansen and further developed by Ignacy Trzewiczek and the Portal Games development team.

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