Differences between old and new Neuroshima Hex app

We have prepared for you a small overview of what has changed in the Neuroshima Hex application.

As you can see, a lot has changed. We hope you like these changes.

In addition, we remind you:

By accepting the update, the old version of the game will be deleted from the device, and replaced by the new app. The new app comes with 4 basic armies: Moloch, Borgo, The Outpost, The Hegemony. Users who purchased other armies in the old version of the app will temporarily lose the ability to play them in the new app. Those armies will be added to this app in future updates. Users who already purchased them in the previous app, will be able to download them for free. New armies will be also available for purchase to new players.

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  1. Benoit 2021-09-13 | Reply

    Will the zoom in feature come back?

    As it stands, even with my brand new eye glasses, it’s very difficult to understand which tile was played.

    At least, let us be able to click enemy tiles while in-game to view them more closely. Have them take most of the screen when we select to do this so they are very clear and we can see all the details.


  2. Benoit 2021-09-13 | Reply

    Will there be crossplay between iOS and android?

  3. Maxime 2021-09-10 | Reply

    I would like to play with 3 others players
    Controlled by the ia,
    Like the previous version.
    Could you let this option please.
    Actually , there is any interrest to play with this New version.

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