Detective wins Game of the Year expert category in France!

On February 21st, in Cannes, the Festival des Jeux started. One of the highlights of the festival was the presentation of The Golden Ace – Game of the Year (l’As d’Or-Jeu de l’Année) awards for the best board games.

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, won the game of the year award in the expert category. We are extremely happy and proud of that, and we would like to congratulate Iello, our French partner, for doing an amazing job in localizing the game and providing it for players in France.

The ceremony

The ceremony started at 7 pm, on February 21st, at the Festival des Jeux in Cannes.


Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game was nominated in the expert category. Expert games are more complex titles for an informed public who appreciates depth of the gameplay and does not hesitate to read a few pages of rules before diving into a longer game session.

Detective was nominated along with Keyforge and Spirit Island.

The awards

Photo by @Ludilab_ via Twitter

The first L’As d’Or-Jeu de l’Année award in the enfant category was given to Mr Wolf created by Marie & Wilfried Fort, and illustrated by Gaëlle Picard. Congratulations!

The expert category

Photo by @Pxl_Adventurers

The second award was in the expert category. Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game (Detective: un jeu d’enquête moderne in French) won! We would like to thank the Jury, all the people who made the Festival, and l’As d’Or-Jeu de l’Année awards possible, IELLO, our French partner, and, most importantly, every player, who played Detective, and made this success possible!

Photo by @Ludilab_ via Twitter

Robin from IELLO is accepting the award:

Photo by @Ludovox_fr

And here is the award itself for Detective:

Photo by @IELLO_France

Third, and last award presented, was l’As d’Or-Jeu de l’Année for The Mind, a game by Wolfgang Warsch, ilustrated by Oliver Freudenreich! Congratulations!

Photo by @Ludilab_ via Twitter

The winners!

The Mind

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game – expert category

Mr. Wolf – enfant category

Livestream from the award ceremony

Watch the ceremony livestream by Tric Trac.

Livestream by Festival des Jeux Cannes

L’As d’Or-Jeu de l’Année history

In 1988, Cannes launched a competition to reward annually the best games presented at the Festival: l’As d’Or (Golden Ace).

In 2003, the French Association for the Promotion and Evaluation of Board Games created Jeu de l’Année (the Game of the Year) award along with the criteria and selection methods.

In 2005, the initiators of l’As d’Or and Jeu de l’Année respectful of their work and their commitment to the promotion of the board game in France, considered that their objectives were similar and decided to unite their efforts to present a single award of quality, recognized by the industry and able to convince the public: l’As d’Or-Jeu de l’Année.


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