Long-awaited Detective: Season 1 premiere from Portal Games

We are proud to present the highly-expected premiere of the game Detective: Season 1. This is the most important title of this year from Portal Games, by Ignacy Trzewiczek, Marzena Nowak-Trzewiczek, and Weronika Spyra.

Season One is a fully standalone game from the Detective series, in which players work together to solve three mysterious crimes. Detective: Season 1 is a set of 3 separate cases that can be solved in any order. Each of the investigations is set in a different place and time, they do not form a campaign. The rules are more simplified than in the original game.

  • Fans of the Detective will find three new, engaging cases in the box.
  • People who didn’t play Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game can successfully reach for Season One as the entry title to the Detective series
  • Investigations are short, each takes 90-120 minutes
  • Season 1 is simpler than Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game: there is one timeline (not divided into investigation days) and one type of skill token
  • The Investigators’ characters have unique characteristics and division of roles in the game
  • There are 24 portraits of suspects in the box. You can pin them to a corkboard and connect them with red yarn to create a network of criminal connections
  • We have put new types of material on the Antares website which will involve you in the case even more
  • Detective games, including Season 1, can be played online

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  1. James Waletzky 2020-10-05 | Reply

    We just played “Dig Deeper” and had an absolute blast. It was a great complement to the base game and LA Crimes. Next up is Season One. I already have my pre-order copy but we were waiting to finish Dig Deeper. I am a little worried about the simplification (shorter games, dumbed down rules) as we thought the original game was perfect in terms of complexity and duration. Plus, we loved that the 5 cases made up a campaign and were all connected. However, if there is as much substance in the cases as in the base game, this one will, too, be a winner! Keep cranking out the cases. I promise to buy every one!

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