Detective Pre-order – Week 2 Bonus Reveal

Welcome, Detectives!

Second week of our pre-order campaign starts with a reveal of the next bonus component for the Detective game. We would like to present to you the set of 30 Character Portraits!

It is a perfect way to breathe more life onto your mind map! When you encounter a new character in the game, you may be prompted to read their Antares Database entry. There, you may be notified, which photo to use in your notes! That’s the easiest way to keep track of all your suspects, victims, and witnesses. And while your case is still unfolding, you can use up to three placeholder portraits that are also included in the set.

Wouldn’t it be great to put that big question mark in the middle of your mind map and slowly surround it with more and more details?

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Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game is a fully co-operative, immersive, detective experience. This is a game of wits and deduction, a full game night experience – a single game session can last up to 3 or more hours. It is also rules-light, meaning, that the most powerful tool at your disposal is your team, your imagination, and your own mind.

In this challenging, story-driven game for 1-5 players, you will play as group of Antares National Investigation Agency members. You are going to tackle five different cases and solve them in order. Each of them affecting the next. Together they will form a campaign that will put your skills to the test.

If you are looking for a modern detective simulator, this is the game for you.

There have been many comments concerning the high shipping price of Detective Pre-orders, and we would like to address this. We can create the games, assemble great Pre-order content, and ensure that the product we are providing is the absolute best we can offer, without a repeat of past issues, but when it comes to shipping prices, this is a factor we have no control over. Though they are high, a visit to online shipping cost estimators for the major carriers will show that these prices are, unfortunately, accurate. Shipping from Poland is expensive. Previously we have used the Postal Service, now we use a service of a shipping company.

We encourage fans, those interested in Detective, and those who want to support Portal in the Pre-order campaign, to think carefully if for them personally, all of the additions we are including for these initial 1000 copies are worth the price, we sure do! In the coming days you’ll see all the awesome things we have included in this campaign to thank you for helping us get Detective off the ground, and we’re sure you’ll feel great about the value you’re getting. But, If you ultimately think these additions are just not worth the total price tag, we completely understand! We want to thank you for considering, thank you for your interest, and we encourage you to pick up the game once it is available at your local store in August. It’s a great game, with so much content and experienced packed in, that we know you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for your time reading this message, and please do not hesitate to send any questions you may have to

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