Detective won Game of the Year – Marty Squirrelly Award by Rolling Dice & Taking Names Podcast!

Episode 165 of the Rolling Dice & Taking Names podcast was the time for the 4th Annual Squirrelly Awards. These are the picks from 2018 that stood out during the year for RDTN. Just like the previous three years, RDTN friends were gracious enough to stop by and do the presentations and even some designers and publishers were in the audience to accept the awards. Maybe you will recognize someone from Portal Games.

There were about 17 categories, and a lot of games presented, so let us focus on games by Portal. Monolith Arena was nominated for the “Just the two of us” category, and lost to the War Chess. Congratulations! The category was presented by Danny & Derek.

Chaz Marler from Pair Of Dice Paradise YouTube channel ( was presenting the We’re Tired of Waiting Award category. The games nominated were: Stronghold: Undead, Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales, and 51. State: Allies. And the winner is Stronghold: Undead! Thank you for that recognition, we too are eagerly waiting for the release of all of those games 😉 We are also very happy that Portal Games absolutely dominated that category, with all of the nominated games being created, and released, (hopefully), (eventually), by Portal Games. Thank you!

However the most exciting news is the main category Marty’s Game of the Year, presented by Quintin Smith from Shut Up & Sit Down. The nominees were: Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, Coimbra, and Brass: Birmingham. And the winner is… Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game! Ignacy Trzewiczek were there to accept the award. The whole Portal Games team is very thankful for this recognition, and for the Squirrelly Award.

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