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⚽ DO YOU LIKE FOOTBALL MANAGER GAMES? 👉 Check out Eleven: Football Manager Board Game!

🏆 Eleven is a football manager board game for 1 to 4 players. Your task is to manage and grow your own football club. You will hire staff, develop stadium infrastructure, sign up sponsors, purchase and sell players, and play matches against other clubs.

🔔 The campaign on Gamefound runs from September 7 to September 28.

🔥 Every day we unlock new Stretch Goals. All Stretch Goals are GAMEFOUND EXCLUSIVE, meaning you won’t see them later in the retail edition of the game. Don’t miss out!

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  1. John 2021-09-07 | Reply

    How many teams (not playable) will be in the game’s league? Rahdo’s review suggests there will only be 8. However each European league usually consists of, say, between 20. And 24 teams. Will it be possible to play a whole European league season within the original game, or perhaps as a campaign mode?

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