• BLOG: There is no such card!

    I am playtesting my new game with my wife Merry. It’s a draft version, very early stage, just a few cards, and me checking if there is any potential here. Turns come and go. Step by step Merry is getting stronger and finally, I can see nothing’s going to change – I will lose terribly. I was beaten. She kicked my ass. The prototype seems to be cool, yet the cards have no balance whatsoever. I draw one of my last cards. It’s Commandos. There is no text nor symbols on it. Just the title of the card and cool

  • BLOG: Managing provinces

    Rise of the Empire introduces three pillars that add new gameplay elements to the Imperial Settlers. The first one is well known for all fans who played Imperial Settlers solo variant I published as a free expansion back then in 2014. I will discuss this element today as an opening material for this short series of articles. Playing Imperial Settlers in the solo campaign mode (free PDF can be found on BGG) or with the Rise of the Empire expansion, you’ll have a series of games that conclude with a special phase at the end of the game – Managing

  • BLOG: Feel at home

    It was October 7th, 2018, when I played Imperial Settlers for the last time. Since then, I released Empires of the North, Imperial Settlers R&W, and Roman Banners and Japanese Islands expansions. Things happened, I’d say. This weekend I put my old box of Imperial Settlers on the table again, and I had a game with my wife Merry. We played Rise of the Empire expansion. Before we go into details, let me put this straight – I loved it. It’s hard to believe it’s been six years already. I remember it as if it was a few weeks ago.

  • BLOG: Signature Series

    ‘I hate you.’ said Rob Daviau when he approached me at Gen con 2018. ‘I played Detective. You know I was thinking about designing a story-driven game like that for a long time, and you did it. It is everything I wanted my game to be. I hate you.’ I look at him, confused, and he burst into a laugh. ‘Congratulations. You designed a great game Ignacy.’ ‘You played it? Finished the whole campaign?’ I asked ‘Oh, yeah. I invited friends for a game retreat weekend; we played the whole thing. That was the game of the weekend. The only


    There are two teams at Portal Games HQ. There is team #RobIsAwesome, and there is team #IHateRob. I must admit that #RobIsAwesome team is much bigger. Frankly speaking, it consists of most of my employees. The opposition, the #IHateRob team consists of only Portal Games Digital, and after all those delays they procured in the past months, I can openly say that I am, and I always was in the #RobIsAwesome team. I need to give you some context, huh? OK, let’s get back to the beginning. I think it was Gen con 2019… *** ‘The case takes place in


    I am with Rob Daviau at Grandcon, and he goes like ‘I have this idea for a new Antares feature, but I am not sure if this is possible…’ ‘It’s possible.’ I promptly say. He didn’t even manage to finish the sentence, but let me tell you this – when the industry icon has a new idea for Detective, you say you can do this, period. You just have to keep in mind that long conversation with whining Portal Games Digital team is your first step when you get back to Poland. Rob wanted to give players the feeling, the

  • BLOG: Play it again!

      Last year, in November, almost one and a half years after I finished writing all of the Detective cards, I invited my old friends to the Portal Games headquarters. I used to play RPGs with them many years earlier. We sat in the conference room. I launched the Antares website on the TV hanging on the wall. “Welcome to the agency,” I said. “I have the first task for you…” I will remember those five evenings for the rest of my life. We finished the whole Detective campaign in less than two weeks. All the boards in the conference

  • We have finally arrived

    We’re finally here. After a long journey through the Ocean filled with anxiety for each member, I’m glad that we can finally stretch our legs on the land. At some point, I couldn’t stand the constant suspense, even though I was continually assuring everyone not to worry about our campaign. I’ve explained what I learned at the base, about new areas that we’re about to see and explore. There’s honestly nothing to worry about, with my expertise as the veteran – I’ve been in a tight spot or two many times. So neither the creepy temples nor the pyramids, will

  • Increasing Fears

    If this continues like that, we might be in danger even before we get to the jungle, and we’re only halfway through the Ocean. Romero keeps on bickering with La’Blanc. Father Clemens continue with his stories, what he found out about our destination, and what should we prepare ourselves to, even Emily Black, one of the sponsors, who bought her ticket on this expedition to get some excitement, started to feel uneasy. We all admire Fawcett’s work and bravery, but people are starting to be afraid of the unknown, and this is just the beginning. If this continues at this

  • S&T: Monolith Arena – Unfolding the Guardians

    Last time we’ve talked about the Dragon Empire and our propositions as to what to prepare inside the Monolith and the reasons behind those choices. This time it’s time to take a closer look on Ignacy’s favorite dwarfs and thee different setups for their Monolith. Guardians of the Realm are known for being able to take a punch or two with their special Feature from a banner, so with that in mind, let’s go over three setups that will make your opponent question moving any close to your walls of Golems and Axemen. Cannonball (Combat Platform x1, Veteran x1) With


We are bookworms. Movie maniacs. Story addicts. We grew up reading Tolkien, Howard, Herbert, Dick, Lem… We were watching Willow, Blade Runner, Never Ending Story, Robin Hood…

And yet, we don’t write books… we don’t make movies. We don’t make those things, because we make games. We make games that tell stories.

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