ARTICLE: Rules Spotlight – Atlanteans and Open Production

So, what happens when you mix the Atlantean’s tech tokens and an Open Production building? A bit of confusion honestly. We’ve seen a few questions floating around about how the Technology Tokens interact and there have been a few different interpretations.

No fear! The rules are here to help us make this decision. It really is quite simple.


The Setting

atlanteans-open-producitonYour opponent is playing the Atlanteans and has a Wood Market in play with both a Basic and Advanced Scoring Technology token. During the Production phase, your opponent receives 2 Wood tokens and 2 Victory Point from this Location thanks to the technology tokens… but what happens when you want to use the location during Open Production?

First, the easy answer – The Advanced Scoring Technology

“Advanced Scoring Technology gives the owner 1 VP each time the Location it is placed on is used (Production Location produces resources, Feature Location ability is used, Action Location is activated).”

So, when you claim that Wood token from Open Production, your opponent receives a Victory Point for their Advanced Technology Token.

The more difficult question is how many Wood do you receive?

The rules for Open Production state:

“2. Take from the general supply the appropriate Good (or draw a card) which the Location provides.”

Well, that’s a bit ambiguous, isn’t it? The location itself provides 1 Wood. But because it has a Basic Technology Token on it, it’s production is doubled, right?

Yes, it would be doubled if you were able to use Basic Technology tokens… but you can’t.

“Other Factions may only use the Technology tokens as Goods spent to activate Actions in certain Locations.”

This technology token does nothing for you.

Final Answer

You receive 1 Wood, and your opponent… those crafty Atlanteans… receive 1 Victory Point for your efforts.



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