ARTICLE: Exploration in Imperial Settlers

A few months back, we released a tiny expansion for Imperial Settlers: Exploration Tiles. They were a hit as soon as they were announced, but as we learned at BGG.Con, many of you haven’t even heard of them!

exploration-tilesExploration tiles are a simple addition that give a bonus to passing early. At the start of the game, place the Exploration Tiles near the score track so that all 4 are visible. When you pass, you get to choose one of these tiles to take and place it in front of you. The last player to pass doesn’t get one!

At the start of the next turn, these tiles grant you a small bonus. Maybe you get some more resources, maybe you get to draw a card. One even lets you draft first (which is really strong if you are playing the Atlanteans).

These tiles come packed in a clear storage bag and are not marked for re-sale, so the only way to get them is from our web-store or at our booth at any major convention. They are a great addition to the game and a perfect little gift for your favorite geek.


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