Announcement: Portal Games Retailer Support Program 2017

At Portal Games we are very fond of the idea of Friendly Local Game Store. We strive to support you local game business. Therefore we are very happy and proud to announce our official Portal Games Retailer Support Program 2017, aimed at USA market. And we would like to invite you to participate in this program. Or, if you are a fan, share this message with your FLGS, so they can contact us and participate in the program.

The goal of this initiative is to grow a local fan base, support gaming communities and give players more chances to meet other gamers through gaming events – and thus ensure, they will return to your shop. On top of that we would like to offer clients some sweet, extra deals in the form of Game Support Kits, provided exclusively by retailers. But wait, there is more! Stores that participate in our program would have definitive 14-days advantage, enabling your store to sell our most important titles before anyone else.

Interested? Write us an e-mail at with a subject: Retailer Support Program 2017

To illustrate you what we exactly we mean by that, we would like to show you our August 2017 Early Launch Kit for First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet. Contact us in August, get the deal for your shop, and then, September 20, 2017 you will get your copies of First Martians along with Early Launch Kit while official, broad release of the game will be October 4, 2017.

retailer support program 2017 www3

Or just check out this infographic:

retailer support2


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