ANNOUNCEMENT: Board Games That Tell Stories Second Printing

photo-originalPortal Games announces Board Games That Tell Stories Second Printing

The second printing of Ignacy Trzewiczek’s hit book is now in stock.

Gliwice, Poland – November 30th, 2015. Today, Portal Games announced the second printing of Board Games That Tell Stories, the hit book from Ignacy Trzewiczek. After a massively successful run on Kickstarter in 2013, the first printing sold out in only a few months. At the request of fans, a second printing was ordered and has shipped to distribution.

“Many players who missed the first KS were asking me for years if there is any reprint planned. Well, I think we have answer for them. Have a good read!”, said Portal Games CEO and author, Ignacy Trzewiczek. Board Games That Tell Stories is a unique collection of tales and anecdotes from one of the premier designers in the industry. In this volume, Ignacy shares behind the scenes tales of game design, publishing, and being a board game fanatic himself. Board Games That Tell Stories also features articles from additional industry veterans including Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala, Rob Daviou, Mike Selinker, and many more! Read about the design and development of fan-favorites Robinson Crusoe and Risk Legacy.

Board Games That Tell Stories is a great resource for young designers, but also makes for the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for geek in your life. Ignacy’s stories are entertaining for anyone interested in gaming, design, or publishing.

Board Games That Tell Stories is a hardbound book featuring over 260 pages of unique insights and stories behind the hobby game industry. Board Games That Tell Stories is available now with an MSRP of $25.00. For more information you can visit the Board Games That Tell Stories page on our web store at


About Portal Games

Portal Games is a publisher of award-winning games such as Imperial Settlers, Stronghold, Pret-A-Porter, Legacy, and Neuroshima Hex. Founded in Poland in 1999, Portal Games has developed into one of the most renowned European game publishers and design teams. Their commitment is to produce only the highest quality Board Games That Tell Stories.

Europe Contact: Ignacy Trzewiczek
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North America Contact: Chevee Dodd
Portal Games
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