Alien Artifacts: Breakthrough

The base game of Alien Artifacts tells the story of humans reaching stars and discovering the remains of the ancient alien civilization. And even though the game is an engine building card game, not story driven RPG, we do have a ton of background story designed for the universe of the game. That is why the first expansion for the game moved the story to the new chapter – humanity discovered a new resource, the dynamics of the world changed.

Today we are proud to present you the second chapter in the Alien Artifacts universe. Alien Artifacts: Breakthrough through the new cards and abilities tells the story of humanity breaking the code of alien civilization and getting access to the brand new technologies. Welcome to the new era, the era of technology breakthrough.

The expansion introduces a new type of resource cards. At the beginning of the game, these resources are not part of the main deck and are put aside. Players must discover alien planets to get this resource, but then, when used, the resource card is put into resources discard pile and after reshuffling become part of the game available for all players.

Humanity slowly learns how to use alien tricks. Along with the progress of the game, the new, powerful Blue resource becomes more common. The story develops.

New ships represent the technology race in the known universe. Ships allow players to Sell technologies more effectively and if sent to the mission, these new ships also interacting with technology cards instead of going to the war! It’s a new era. The era of technology war.

Each new planet adds more new resources to the resources discard. This represents the fact that with each new world discovered we learn more about aliens and their contrivance. They add a new resource to the discard pile so after reshuffling the precious Blue cards become available for everybody.

  • Full name: Alien Artifacts: Breakthrough
  • Author: Ignacy Trzewiczek, Joanna Kijanka
  • Number of players: 2-5
  • Time of play: 60 min.
  • Age: 10+
  • Rulebook: EN PDF | DE PDF

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