5 facts about Batman: Everybody Lies

Batman: Everybody Lies is the first game in the Detective family that shouldn’t be played solo. Personal Goals, small secrets, and mysteries are brand new elements in the system. Invite your friends for an amazing game night of deduction.
Here are 5 facts about Batman: Everybody Lies:

1. The game comes with a Prologue and three big Episodes that each offer between 2 and 3 hours of gameplay.
2. In the game, players interact with some of the most iconic characters like The Penguin, The Scarecrow, and best of all, Batman himself.
3. The game introduces the Personal Goal concept to represent the theme of mistrust and secrets in every corner of Gotham City.
4. Similar to fan-favorite Vienna Connection, each Episode in Batman: Everybody Lies has 24 cards. Additionally, each Episode has Personal Goal cards and a Scene deck that features beautifully illustrated comic book panels.
5. Batman: Everybody Lies is the first game in the line, and fans should expect more Episodes with other iconic villains like The Riddler or The Joker.

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