4 new games on Tabletopia and Portal Games Discord!

7/7/2020 Gliwice, Poland

Portal Games is proud to present the latest update on Tabletopia – a digital online platform for playing board games. Players can enjoy four new titles from Portal Games. What is more, we opened a new Discord channel.

Update (19/8/2020) Another title, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is available on Tabletopia

Four new board games added to Tabletopia are Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, Neuroshima HEX 3.0, and Monolith Arena. They joined two other Portal Games’ bestsellers that have been already available: Imperial Settlers and Stronghold.

All Portal Games’ bestsellers currently available on Tabletopia are:
Neuroshima 3.0
Monolith Arena
Robinson Crusoe
Stronghold 2nd edition
Imperial Settlers
Empires of the North

Portal Games on Discord

We are happy to announce the opening of a new Portal Games channel on Discord! Now fans from all over the world can play the most popular games using the new platform.

Our dedicated channel is created especially for those who want to enjoy our games with friends online. Discord has an excellent opinion amongst players and we could not be missing there. It enables connecting from different parts of the world using video, voice and text chat. Click here to access Portal Games Discord channel.

The biggest event of the year from Portal Games is coming

We are happy to invite you to PortalCon this weekend: 11-12th July on our YouTube channel and Twitch channel. The event will be the greatest opportunity to enjoy gameplays of Portal Games bestsellers on Discord as well.

PortalCon is the first English edition of our con for Portal Games fans and all of you who love board games! After a hugely successful local Board Games Marathon we run in May for our Polish fans, we would like to invite you to 26 hours of entertainment from Portal Games. Meet Ignacy Trzewiczek, Joanna Kijanka, and many others who will answer your questions, reveal publishing plans, run tournaments, gameplays, contests, and demo tables as well as host special guests.

Those two days are dedicated especially for the biggest fans of Portal Games. You can get your free tickets now. Do not miss our latest news on Facebook. Learn more about our program and a way to collect free tickets on portalcon.pl

Neuroshima HEX 3.0 Tournament

One of the biggest events scheduled on Sunday (12 p.m. EST) is Neuroshima HEX. 3.0 online Tournament. You can participate in this special event playing one of the Armies from the base game. Meet players from Poland, US and all over the world, try to beat them and win! Joanna Kijanka will host the event. We will grant our players special access to the tournament.

Further information on: portalcon.pl

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  1. Mike Davis2020-07-07 | Reply

    The discord link does not work You may want to set the invite to not expire.

    • Portal Games2020-07-07 | Reply

      Thanks for letting us know. New link has been added to the post.

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