Special offers – great Robinson Crusoe deals!

Check this out! We have not one, not two, but three great deals for you, only this July!

Robinson Crusoe with FREE SHIPPING

Buy Robinson Crusoe with FREE SHIPPING!

For those of you who don’t own the game yet. Order before end of July to get free shipping!


But wait! If you are going to GenCon this year (2017) we have another special offer for you!


robcio gencon poziom

Robinson Crusoe with additional Poachers scenario and free pick up at GenCon 2017

This offer does not combine with those above – this is a special offer available only via an e-mail at portal@portalgames.pl with subject “GenCon 2017”.


But Wait! That is not all! We also have Robinson Crusoe All Promos Set with free shipping which greatly improves the game. Get the real deal and buy whole package at the same time!



RC promoski wszystkie bez gry T EN

Ready For Anything – All Promos Set for Robinson Crusoe with special price and FREE SHIPPING


For those of you, who are buying the game and want to expand it to its full potential immediately. Or for those of you, who already own the game and want to enhance its potential and complete their collection!

This includes:

  • Robinson Crusoe: "Poachers"new scenario
  • Robinson Crusoe: Secret Trait Cards
  • Robinson Crusoe: Crewman
  • Robinson Crusoe: "Treasure Island" scenario
  • Robinson Crusoe: new character: Sailor + additional stickers and pawns
  • Robinson Crusoe: Searching the Beach
  • Robinson Crusoe: Additional Beast Cards
  • Robinson Crusoe: Trait Cards I
  • Robinson Crusoe: Discovery Tokens
  • Robinson Crusoe: "Tracing Dr. Livingstone" scenario
  • Robinson Crusoe: Stickers and Pawns for HMS Beagle Characters
  • Robinson Crusoe: Events ENG

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  1. Jon Strike 2018-04-26 | Reply

    Any news on the promo pack?eagerly waiting, wearing out my refresh button

  2. Jonathan 2018-03-21 | Reply

    Hoping for this ready for anything promo bundle to be for sale again. Any chance we can get an email notification of when it’s coming out or just keep refreshing and looking? Haha

    • Portal Games 2018-03-23 | Reply

      You can subscribe to our newsletter and we will definitely send you an email when it will be available!

  3. Gary Keen 2018-03-02 | Reply

    Hi will this promo with all content be available again soon and be available to UK customers as I’m new to boardgaming but this game is no1 on my list.

    • Portal Games 2018-03-02 | Reply

      Hello! It should be available again soon – probably within one month!

  4. Eugene 2017-12-10 | Reply

    Hi, as a huge fan of Robinson Crusoe game i wish to play with all of these promos. Can you tell me, will you bring this set to sale in future, or i should forget about it and buy all of this stuff separately. Thx for answer.

    • Portal Games 2017-12-11 | Reply

      We are going to make it available again, but we are waiting for the reprint. I should return to our shop in the second quarter of 2018.

  5. Mike 2017-08-05 | Reply

    I ordered Robinson Crusoe 2 weeks ago. It says it was in stock, but still have not received a shopping confirmation. It’s this normal?

    • portal 2017-08-07 | Reply

      You mean shipping confirmation? Have you contacted Portal Games shop about this? If not, please sent your e-mail at portal@portalgames.pl and they will address your issue.

      • Mike 2017-08-08 | Reply

        Yes, shipping confirmation. I sent an email to the address you listed, but I am getting a better response time on the forums here.

        My shipping status now shows “shipment information voided”. Can you check on my order, please?

  6. Tyler 2017-07-30 | Reply

    I’m interested in the all promos set, hope you bring the sale in the near future

  7. STeve 2017-07-30 | Reply

    I have looked at getting Robinson but was under the impression that there is/was to be a second printing which would be out later this year and that we needed to obtain that via Stronghold. Can you please clarify for me which version or printing this is that you are offering. Is it the latest and greatest? Since the all promos set isn’t available then we would be buying a game that is less than “greatly improved”.

    • portal 2017-07-31 | Reply

      Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island http://portalgames.pl/en/all-game-list/robinson/ is and will be sold in its latest version. Promos are not included with the game itself, because they are optional, they do improve the game however. While Ready For Anything Promos set is out of stock, most of the promos are still available in the shop separately.

  8. Dex 2017-07-27 | Reply

    Followed this link (http://portalgames.pl/en/special-offers-great-robinson-crusoe-deals/?utm_content=buffer982fa&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer) to get the all promos pack for $40 w/ free shipping, but it’s is having an issue. Whenever I click “Buy Now”, I get “Chosen item is not available”.

    The offer says it’s available through end of July, and each of the individual items included is still in stock. Can you help me purchase this?

    • portal 2017-07-28 | Reply

      Unfortunately we have run out of stock for the Ready For Anything Promos set. There may be some promos still available individually.

      • Dex 2017-07-28 | Reply

        I’m confused on the out of stock status of the set. This is just a collection of items (no packaging I’m aware of), all of which are still available for individual purchase.

  9. Andrew Garrison 2017-07-27 | Reply

    Buy Now link on last offer is a mailto link 🙁

    Buy Now link on the second offer takes you to a page that says “Chosen item is not available”.

    I have spent entirely too much time trying to find this game and purchase it. I’m just pissed off now 🙁

    I’m purchasing Terraforming Mars instead of buying one of your games because I no longer have any faith that Portal Games can deliver a product in the US market.

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