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It is time! Today, we share with you the NOT FINAL rules for the 51st State Master Set. Why isn’t this final? Because we want to hear from you! We have been much more pro-active with the editing and proofing of these rules, and now we want to engage you, the fans… the customers… and hear what you have to say! Please, enjoy it, but if you find mistakes, let us know! I am dead serious! LET US KNOW. Email us, Tweet us, comment below, Facebook, Board Game Geek… however you want to engage us, we are doing this for you! Let’s make it awesome together! Click the image!


Note: the Setup is intentionally left out of the rulebook and will come on a separate 2-sided sheet with a quick reference on the reverse. We’ll share it soon!

The campaign has been going great and we have some new stuff planned. Please tell your friends so we can make the Master Set as awesome as it deserves to be!



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  1. Johan Drubbel 2016-02-25 | Reply

    As a 51st State addict I can say the rulebook improved compaired with the original one. However what struck me was the lack of a set-up image. Because on page 6 in the draft phase you suddenly come up with ” … each connection pile …” What’s that? Where do I find them? What do they consist of? I think an image with the anatomy of a set up (like you do with a card) might perhaps solve this issue.
    Another thing … but that’s personal … in our club I’m one of the ‘proffesional’ rulebook readers, so I understand that you like to brighten up a dull summary of rules with funny sentences like: “Like a first kiss. You can’t have it every freaking Tuesday, right?” and “Good job! You ruined their place. Now you can laugh at them.” And that can be funny … once or twice, but not 51 times. It distracts me a bit. Golden rule: less is more.
    Otherwise it’s a pretty good rulebook.
    I just hope, with tweaking the rules a bit, the experience will still feel different from playing Imperial Settlers. Because the comparison seems to be bigger now then with the original version. But that’s a feeling I get just by reading the rules.
    Besides, I will find out myself because I pre-ordered it anyway 🙂
    Best of luck with this masterset!

    • portal 2016-02-26 | Reply

      The setup is on a separate sheet from the rules. One side shows the setup, the other is a quick summary. Thanks! -Chevee

  2. Malte 2016-02-26 | Reply

    I have to agree with the previous comment that there are too many “jokes” in the manual. I think there are two issues with this:
    1. It clogs up the text and slows down learning the game. For instance, If 3 of my friends are waiting eagerly to play and I have to reference something quickly about the setup, that is not the best time for a joke and it will not improve anyone’s experience.
    2. The humor does not go with the rather dark (and awesome) theme of the game. The post apocalyptic future is no laughing matter!
    I would say, limit the puns to a maximum of one or maybe two per manual. Thats the only criticism I have though and everything else looks awesome. I have not played the original game so I cannot comment on the rule changes themselves. After looking through the rules I am very happy that I preordered and am looking forwards to receiving this game!

  3. Joost 2016-02-26 | Reply

    First off, good rulebook with clear explanations. I’m very much looking forward to play this game. I haven’t played the original version of 51st State, but have enjoyed Imperial Settlers. However, I am glad to see that this game allows for much more aggressive play.

    However, I also agree with the above comments about the jokes. Although I like jokes, I also like clean and tight sets of rules. And in the context of this rulebook, I’d go for the latter.

    Will the setup reference sheet also contain how to use the New Era and Winter decks?

    • portal 2016-02-26 | Reply

      Yes, the setup sheet details the use of expansions. We’ll share the sheet soon! -Chevee

  4. Johan Drubbel 2016-02-26 | Reply

    @ Malte: If you have no experience with the original 51st State, then I can garantuee you, you will have a blast with this masterset! They definitly streamlined the rules. I even think both versions can coexist just because of those changes.

  5. Joost 2016-02-27 | Reply

    One thing I might have missed from the rules: what uses do the 4 types of resources have?

    • Johan Drubbel 2016-02-27 | Reply

      I assume you need the resources to get your hands on contact tokens, because you need these to be able to play your cards. Fuel for blue contact tokens, revolvers for red contact tokens, metal for grey contact tokens and brick to redevelop a location or a ruin. The blue CT are used to make deals, the red to raze and the grey to build. Sometimes you will also need the resources to activate certain abilities in your play area which can grant you victory points, tokens, etc, … Mmmm, I think it’s time to take my old copy out again 🙂

  6. Mary 2016-04-09 | Reply

    On page 4, Cards Overview, you chose white typeface on a nearly-white page? This is very hard to read in pdf, and if printed to read on the back porch in the lovely spring weather, totally unreadable.

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