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eve1Not only we have restarted campaign for First Martians, not only we have Upgrade kit for Robinson Crusoe, we also have new promo cards for Robison! This 7 new event cards will be small, cool addition to your copy of Robinson and add some new unexpected problems to your games! 😉

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  1. Bruce 2017-02-18 | Reply
    Just ordered. I was waiting for things to be sorted and I'm very happy 😊
  2. Tim 2017-02-21 | Reply
    I did not see the new cards when i ordered the upgrade kit last thursday :( I hope they publish some more mini expansions in the future so I can order the cards with some more stuff :)
  3. Mats 2017-02-23 | Reply
    Looks great! If only the stickers and pawns for the expansion could be restocked I'd order both directly. :)
  4. John hines 2017-06-10 | Reply
    Any plans to make a Cry Havoc "Building Miniature" expansion? These could be 3D plastic buildings/weapons to replace the chitboard buildings. Believe this would be a big success!
    • portal 2017-06-12 | Reply
      No such plans at the moment :)
  5. mihaha 2017-06-14 | Reply
    I am really excited about this game, but can't currently get it in Slovenia, is there any news on when it will be available? Also will this promos be available sometime again? Thanks!

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