For all of you, who are interested in such a nerdy stuff, we have prepared a summary of changes in our App since version 1.3 rolled out. Here is the changelog:

1. Hardcore Events implementation.
2. After Outro decisions Implementation.
3. Fixed an XML bug, merged texts.
4. Fixed bug in action panel display after resume.
5. Fixed bug “or” instead of “lub”.
6. Cheatcodes sequence adjusted, English texts added, improved layout display, fixed icon display bug.
7. Fixed awards layout (too long text display bug).
8. Setup improvements, camera adjustments and camera movement borders in landscape mode.
9. Fixed food indicator in step 1/10 of “Make yourselves at home”.
10. Fixed missing features in setup of Guessing Game, Local Materials and Campaign 2 Welcome to Mars! Mission 4.
11. Fixed number of repeated missions in stats display.
12. Fixed repeated mission with round 0 counter.

13. Fixed setup of food tokens c2ml in supply.
14. XML update.
15. Build 1.04 for PC, Android and iOS, release on Appstore.

16. Fixed missions endings.

17. Setup fixes
18. Campaign system check window improvement.
19. Implementation of single quest objectives completion notifications.

20. Fixed mission ending in campaign, system check window now appear in every round except last.
21. Questlog: fixed end of quest.
22. Fixed bug of proper language name on screen orientation label.
23. Setup fixes in Make yourselves at home, Landing and Malnourished plants missions.
24. Fixed bud of in-game FAQ/hint icon.

25. Setup fixes for Make yourselves at home working block, Android icons format
26. FB share button tests.

27. Event system tests.
28. Adventures system tests.
29. Phase message, minor fixes.

30. Build 1.05.
31. Fixes for phase display and sol counter.

32. Layout rework, added scroll, fixed icons, performed tests.

33. Build 1.06
34. Fixed questions bug.
35. FB share button tests.

We will update this, as new releases will be ready.

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