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Crazy Karts is a team-based, fast-paced racing game for 3-8 players. Players pair off in teams of two in which each player controls specific actions of their kart.  One player controls the brakes and turns, while the other player speeds up and fires the cannon. There’s only one problem… you cannot talk with your teammate!

You must outmaneuver the opponents, dodge obstacles, grab power-ups, and avoid smashing into the walls… planning all your actions in secret without talking! Need to turn left? Better hope your partner didn’t accelerate! Race to the finish line in this wacky game of mayhem and shenanigans. Do you have what it takes to be a champion kart racer?

A game consists of two parts: Qualifying and then the Race. The team who comes first and second in the Qualifying will earn a bonus for the Race itself. Only the victor of the Race earns the bragging rights of the Tournament Champion… until the next game, of course.


how to play





72 cards (63x88mm)
1 Boutle token
4 double-sided track sections boards
1 starting track board
16 Power-up tiles
29 Obstacles tiles
7 Malfunction tokens
7 Buff tokens
5 Upgrade tiles
9 Control panels
4 Power Up meters
4 Speedometers
8 Player screens
4 wooden carts
1 Full color rulebook


Pre-order from our online store and you will receive your copy of the game before it is available in stores! Also, you’ll receive 4 special cards not available anywhere else. These cards upgrade your faction action to maximize your gains!

Pre-orders last until May 31 or while supplies last.



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