The Best Solo Board Games by IGN

We are happy and proud to share with you, that couple of days ago, IGN published their list of ten best solo board games. Portal Games is on that list, with not one, but two titles – Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island & Imperial Settlers. We would recommend

Alien Artifacts in the #18 issue of Game Nite

Game Nite is a free monthly magazine covering the world of Tabletop Gaming. They cover Board Games, Card Games, Miniatures, and in their latest issue, they have featured Alien Artifacts on 7th place of the Top Ten Essen Spiel 2017 games! We are honoured and we would like to share

First Martians BGG FAQ v0.1

We have read all your comments and questions about First Martians on Board Game Geek forums. We have answers for you and anyone, who might have any questions in the future. Behold: First Martians Board Game Geek Frequently Asked Questions, version 0.1 – click to download PDF. Future updates may


We are bookworms. Movie maniacs. Story addicts. We grew up reading Tolkien, Howard, Herbert, Dick, Lem… We were watching Willow, Blade Runner, Never Ending Story, Robin Hood…

And yet, we don’t write books… we don’t make movies. We don’t make those things, because we make games. We make games that tell stories.

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