ARTICLE: Robinson Crusoe Upgrade KIt

Many people have asked us about being able to upgrade their older edition of Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island to the new edition. We promised that we would offer the wooden components for upgrade, but that’s not all!


This kit will be available directly from us for $20 usd in our webstore.

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  1. Pete 2016-09-26 | Reply

    Would like to know if there is somewhere to sign up to be notified when available.

  2. rudy 2016-09-26 | Reply

    Hi, is there a release date? Thank you!

  3. Phil The Sheep 2016-09-28 | Reply

    Were the cards too major a component to also include in the upgrade kit, for those of us who already bought the game – given that you said there were about 450 edits on them?

  4. Dan 2016-10-04 | Reply

    I’ve acquired everything this has already as the obsessed completionist I am, except the new rules. So I just want tor rule book and any other changed cards too if ever possible 🙂

  5. Max 2016-10-04 | Reply

    Will it be available in French?
    Will you ship to Canada?
    When can we order it?

      • rudy 2016-10-21 | Reply

        So, how soon is soon?

        Thanks! 😀

  6. Ed 2016-11-01 | Reply

    Any news on the upgrade kit availability? 🙂

  7. Jeff J 2016-11-03 | Reply

    Does this kit include the new box as well?

  8. Rob 2016-11-04 | Reply

    patiently awaiting this. did i say patient? i meant freaking out.

  9. Diego 2016-11-08 | Reply

    If I have the spanish version of the game, will this work with it? I can read english perfectly fine but some of my friends can’t, can I buy this as long as I understand it? Is the only english content the new scenario and the rulebook?

    • portal 2016-11-18 | Reply

      Yes. The rules and new scenario. As I understand, the Spanish edition already has the rest of the new bits. -Chevee

  10. Andrew Loch 2016-11-08 | Reply

    I have already bought the promo packs with the wooden bits, the stickers, the king kong scenario etc and have bought the various card packs also

    Will you have the rulebook for sale on its own?

    Still great customer service from Portal either way…as usual. Great work…except for Ignacy, he just spends his whole time making podcasts with Steven from Stronghold games. 😉

    • portal 2016-11-18 | Reply

      You can download the rules, otherwise, it will only be available as part of the kit. -Chevee

  11. Larry 2016-11-09 | Reply

    Any news on when the update kit will be available for purchase?

  12. Jason 2016-11-11 | Reply

    Hi portal, when is this game being released? I have preordered this and was advised it would be released after Essen. That was a month ago…


    • portal 2016-11-18 | Reply

      Beginning of December. Customs got in our way. -Chevee

      • Jeff 2016-12-06 | Reply

        Hi portal, any update on the release date? Thanks!

        • portal 2017-01-07 | Reply

          Should be available through our webstore in January.

  13. Martin 2016-11-16 | Reply

    Hi, when will this be available?

  14. Kat 2016-11-25 | Reply

    I see the different pieces in the store, but no set. Are you planning on selling it as a set or should I just buy it piecemeal?

    • portal 2017-01-07 | Reply

      It will be as a one set. This January.

  15. Tim 2016-12-04 | Reply

    When will the upgrade kit be available? I cant handle the wait much longer! 🙂

    • portal 2017-01-07 | Reply

      This month. I am sorry it took so long.

  16. Greg 2016-12-05 | Reply

    When will this be available for order?

    • portal 2017-01-07 | Reply

      This January. I am sorry for delay.

  17. Eric 2016-12-08 | Reply

    Any update on this?

    • portal 2017-01-07 | Reply

      In January it will show up in our webstore. I am sorry for delay.

  18. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY STATUS ON THE UPGRADE KIT? Apologies for yelling, but we have a lot of passion for this game and are excited to obtain a status update 🙂

    • portal 2017-01-07 | Reply

      It’s in the final stage of production. It should be available in January.

  19. Robert 2016-12-19 | Reply

    Any news on the upgrade kit?

  20. Rob 2017-01-04 | Reply

    Any update on this?

  21. Arthur 2017-01-11 | Reply

    Am I still able to order via the store. It appears to me that the store site is down, I cannot see any games for sale or make any pre orders.

    • portal 2017-01-12 | Reply

      Sorry for problem. Now it should work.

  22. Carly 2017-01-14 | Reply

    January 2017? – excellent!

  23. Tim 2017-01-19 | Reply

    Do we have a release date yet?

  24. Bruce 2017-01-22 | Reply

    Not sure if i understand, but when can I buy the upgrade kit?

    • portal 2017-02-01 | Reply

      it will be in our online store in a few days

  25. Ed 2017-01-26 | Reply

    Still don’t see anything in the store, and I’m checking every day

  26. Tim 2017-01-26 | Reply

    I also check the shop and this comment section every day Ed! I fear that the number of upgrade kit will be very limited and that it will run out of stock the day it comes out!

  27. Peter 2017-01-26 | Reply

    Yes, please let us pre order the upgrade kit.

  28. Lawrence 2017-01-27 | Reply

    Can you guys add the player aid to this as well?

  29. Eric 2017-01-29 | Reply

    Any word on this? I’m having second thoughts on making a First Martians pre-order based on the months and months overdue this simple upgrade kit has taken. This blog post was in Sept. In November you said soon. In Jan you said “in January.” There’s now only two days left in Jan, so…. should we expect this in March or later?

  30. Martin 2017-01-30 | Reply

    Still unavailable whilst this post has been here for months. Do your fans a favour next time: don’t make promises you won’t keep.

  31. Justin 2017-01-31 | Reply

    Last day of January. Any updates?

  32. Pascal 2017-02-07 | Reply

    Where is that kit ? How can I buy it ?

  33. Paco 2017-02-15 | Reply

    Upgrade kit still not here ? Do you know when we can buy it ?

  34. Keith McRell 2017-10-06 | Reply

    Are more upgrade kits and the all promo packages going to be made available?

    • portal 2017-10-09 | Reply

      Yes, they will return to our shop, after we re-stock.

  35. Keith M 2017-11-05 | Reply

    Seem to still be out of stock… : (

    • portal 2017-11-08 | Reply

      It should be available again before the end of the year.

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