ARTICLE: Convoy – Let’s Talk About Moloch

EN_convoy_cover_netIn the story of Neuroshima, the robots somehow became sentient and started attacking the world. Moloch. This was the start of the war… and after, humanity struggles against the Moloch and the twisted mutants and gangers born of the fallout. Every day is a fight against the machine that threatens to wipe out the survivors.

So, when you first play a game of Neuroshima: Convoy, why not play as Moloch and destroy the pesky humans?


There are two decks in Convoy: Moloch and Outpost. The Moloch deck is the red one. Grab it and let’s take a look. Actually, first, let’s talk about goals. As the Moloch player, your goal is to make it to New York with at least a single surviving machine. This shouldn’t be too hard because your machines are awesome. The puny humans standing in your way are just an annoyance, right?

Well, maybe. You see… those humans might be small, but they are sneaky. They are going to try to win a war of attrition by making you discard cards from your deck. After all, if you don’t have cards in your deck, you can’t deploy more robots, right?

You have to plan for that. You have to be thrifty. Let’s take a look at a few cards that might help.

transporterHow about the Transporter. It’s pretty strong, and offers you some card advantage… but, if you find yourself getting low on cards, you might want to hold back. Each time the Transporter enters a city you draw a card… so if you keep advancing it forward, you might run out of your most precious resource.


The Hornet, besides being one of the coolest looking machines, is quite an annoyance to the humans. At strength 3, the Outpost player needs to contribute a small army of soldiers just to deal with it. The Hornet’s power is an even bigger annoyance. You deploy first, so when you throw down the Hornet, the Outpost player has to make a decision: make a stand against the assault, or reinforce a future city instead. This second option is bad for the Outpost because you can easily just move the Hornet forward force the same decision. This is card advantage without having to draw more cards.

net-moduleLastly, the Net Module. Nets are an important part of the Neuroshima world. They allow you to disable a unit. In Convoy, this ability is HUGE. So, we make you discard a card to use it. Don’t let that discourage you, however. Losing 1 card to win a city is completely worth it. If you lose, you will have to discard multiple cards from your deck, which means you don’t get a choice. This also shuts down the unit’s ability, so you may get even more value.


Remember: you don’t have to crush the Outpost to win. You just have to survive the final battle with at least 1 card in your deck or 1 robot in New York. While your goal might be to crush the humans, this doesn’t mean you can sit back and march your way to victory. Make good decisions, and you’ll roll your way to victory.

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