Announcement: New Faction for Imperial Settlers

P007625_so 107x177x35 w_w.cdrAfter so many questions from our fans, we are finally happy to announce that Portal Games will have a summer release of a new, fifth faction for Imperial Settlers! Anticipation has been growing for the past few months, and today, we are ready to announce that 5th faction for Imperial Settlers will be: Lemmings! Inspired by the video game Lemmings (1991)  from publisher Psygnosis, Ignacy Trzewiczek and his team bring the amazing details and unique gameplay of the video game to the world of Imperial Settlers.

“We are extremely proud and happy that Portal Games decided to bring Lemmings back to life and let players once again have fun commanding these amazing little folk.” said Mike Dailly from Psygnosis. “We met Ignacy Trzewiczek a few months back and his offer was straightforward. He challenged me to a game of Pitch Car. If I win, Psygnosis will have the rights to publish Imperial Settlers for iOS and Android devices. If he wins, Portal Games will publish a Lemmings faction for Imperial Settlers.”

“We didn’t think that he was serious until he took his final  flick and won the race.” adds David Jones, co-designer of the Lemmings video game.

Portal Games plan to expand the world of Imperial Settlers with new factions added each year. Ignacy Trzewiczek, CEO of Portal Games said: “We have list of potential licenses and I am ready to get them. Some people say my strategy and politics is hardcore and very risky. I say ‘I can play Pitch Car.'” Players should expect more exciting news in the future!

Portal Games is a publishing company from Poland, known from their worldwide bestsellers such as Stronghold, Robinson Crusoe and Imperial Settlers.



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  1. Harry 2015-04-01 | Reply

    Interesting faction!
    What’s today’s date by the way? 😉

  2. Kai 2015-04-01 | Reply

    Can we get those for real? As a mini joke expansion or something?

  3. Ben 2015-04-01 | Reply

    I would buy this. Someone on BGG with a lot of free time should make this faction for PnP!

    This would explain why your excess meeples “go away” at the end of a round!

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  5. Kub2boa 2015-04-01 | Reply

    I’m so pleased. So much time in front of my computer running ms-dos and lemming. Can’t wait

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