This awesome First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet mini-expansion includes two Ring 1, two Ring 2 and one Ring 3 new, extra tiles to enhance your Mars experinece!

  • Ring 1 ROI tiles: Utopia Planitia & Moreux Crater – they allow you to gather samples, find new Points of Interest, but at a cost of paying additional energy cost or re-rolling your action dice.
  • Ring 2 ROI tiles: Arabia Terra & Pavonis Mons – they allow you to get even more samples, but a similar costs.
  • Ring 3 ROI tile: Kasei Valles – it allows you to gather samples and even have an adventure while doing so!

Add it now to your collection!

Extra ROI tiles:

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Extra ROI tiles

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  1. Townsend 2018-03-19 | Reply

    These are added into the app, right?

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