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ARTICLE: Outsmart Your Opponent

New edition of Stronghold hit retail in the U.S. just this week. As you probably heard it has amazing components, polished rules, and is much quicker – no glory board, Invader troops already on the map, all those small changes that speed up the game.   Among many changes in the new edition there is one very important change that is not mentioned in most press releases. It is not discussed by fans. It is not as fancy as removing glory board or gate and ram rules. It’s rituals.   I will discuss them today.   ***   Stronghold is all about outsmarting your opponent. It is about building an attack (or defense) plan and executing it. To execute it right you need to bluff. You need to deceive your opponent. You do jab, jab, jab on the left wall sections just to finish with right hook in the sixth round on the other side ...

ARTICLE: Stronghold 2nd Edition Rules and FAQ

In conjunction with Rodney Smith at Watch It Played, we have put together an excellent F.A.Q. for Stronghold. Also, while answering Rodney’s awesome questions, we found two errors in the rulebook. After conferring with Ignacy, it was determined that we just couldn’t leave the errors alone. We had to fix them. Some of you have already found the errors from Rodney’s awesome video… so, I’m here to post the updates and  share with you a little story about rules. Enjoy! Rulebook v1.3 Stronghold ...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Stronghold Revised Rules Now Available

We now have the revised rules for Stronghold 2nd Edition available in our webstore for anyone who purchased the game in October 2015. If you are unsure if your game includes the revised rules or not, check the lower left of the front cover. The new rules are version 1.2. You can follow this link or click the image below to be taken to our webstore.   PDF versions are also available at the games page: Stronghold 2nd Edition

RULES: Stronghold 2nd Edition – Version 1.2

Hello everyone, today, we are happy to bring you the fully edited rules which are included with all retail copies of Stronghold 2nd Edition. It was an intense few days putting all of this together, with the help of some awesome fans, but we succeeded in getting these rules edited, reprinted, and packaged before the product had to leave our warehouse. We couldn’t have done it without you and we are very grateful that our fans are so awesome and patient. With this update, we are also releasing an FAQ that we will keep updated as needed. You can get all three documents by clicking the links below.

RULES: Stronghold 2nd Edition – Rules Reprint

We’ve been paying attention to the problems surrounding the rulebook for the past few weeks and are working hard to correct them. Today, I can announce, that we will be re-printing the rules for all copies of the game! Thanks to an unfortunate delay in shipping, we have the time to get these rules corrected, reprinted, and repacked  before the games leave our warehouse. All retail copies of the game will include these new rules! Additionally, once the rules are reprinted, we will be offering replacement rules, free of charge, to anyone who purchased the game at Essen. I will put together a method for you to sign up to receive the reprinted rules and let you know when that happens. For now, if you would like to help us edit, please find the latest rules below, check them out, and let us know of any more problems! THANK YOU! -Chevee


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