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Imperial Settlers special in-store event – USA, October 2017

Imperial Settlers special in-store event – USA, October 2017
October 2017 – join our special In-Store Imperial Settlers Event! If your civilization was build and razed more times, than you could remember, we have a treat for you. We are planning a special Imperial Settlers Game Night In-Store Event this October in the USA! Visit your Friendly Local Game Store and celebrate third Imperial Settlers birthday with couple of great new promos! Look for special posters advertising that game night and enjoy: 12 cards with unique artwork Why dozen and not 10 or 16? Well, Imperial Settlers is one of those Portal games, that has spread around the world far and wide. There are currently twelve editions and each card represents one of them. What’s more important, each card has its own, unique artwork, that illustrates small villages in a distinct architectural style characteristic to each represented country.

ARTICLE: Exploration in Imperial Settlers

A few months back, we released a tiny expansion for Imperial Settlers: Exploration Tiles. They were a hit as soon as they were announced, but as we learned at BGG.Con, many of you haven’t even heard of them! Exploration tiles are a simple addition that give a bonus to passing early. At the start of the game, place the Exploration Tiles near the score track so that all 4 are visible. When you pass, you get to choose one of these tiles to take and place it in front of you. The last player to pass doesn’t get one! At the start of the next turn, these tiles grant you a small bonus. Maybe you get some ...

ARTICLE: Rules Spotlight – Atlanteans and Open Production

So, what happens when you mix the Atlantean’s tech tokens and an Open Production building? A bit of confusion honestly. We’ve seen a few questions floating around about how the Technology Tokens interact and there have been a few different interpretations. No fear! The rules are here to help us make this decision. It really is quite simple.   The Setting Your opponent is playing the Atlanteans and has a Wood Market in play with both a Basic and Advanced Scoring Technology token. During the Production phase, your opponent receives 2 Wood tokens and 2 Victory Point from this Location thanks to the technology tokens… but what happens when you want to use the location during Open Production? First, the easy answer – The Advanced Scoring Technology “Advanced Scoring Technology gives the owner 1 VP each time the Location it ...

ERRATA: Imperial Settlers

As our beloved game, Imperial Settlers, continues to grow and reach new fans, the inevitable has happened: it has become necessary for us to errata a few cards. Like every successful company, we strive for perfection, but with so many moving pieces and card interactions, it’s an extremely difficult task. It is our goal to avoid this as much as possible going forward, but it is also our responsibility to address concerns as they arise. Click on the Image below to be taken to the current FAQ. We have also provided printable cards if you wish to update your collection. You can find them at this link, or by visiting the Imperial Settlers page under the Extras link.

A Story From Gen Con

After Gen Con, Ignacy personally thanked each volunteer that helped us run demos in the event hall. Jessica was one of those volunteers and responded with this awesome story (shared with her permission.) Thanks Jessica!   Hello Ignacy! Thanks for offering the opportunity for volunteers to lead a demo. I had the best time watching some new players try out Imperial Settlers. My group was three friends who no longer live near each other and came to Gen Con for a little reunion. None had played the game before. They chose the Egyptians, Romans, and Barbarians. As the game went on, they became more understanding of how to maximize their civilizations for earning potential. It was very interesting to watch. The Egyptians slowly and steadily began adding victory points from early in the game. The other 2 focused on building out production buildings and the “more premium” faction cards. Time ran out on our demo, ...


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