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Neuroshima: Convoy


ARTICLE: Convoy – Let’s Talk About Moloch

In the story of Neuroshima, the robots somehow became sentient and started attacking the world. Moloch. This was the start of the war… and after, humanity struggles against the Moloch and the twisted mutants and gangers born of the fallout. Every day is a fight against the machine that threatens to wipe out the survivors. So, when you first play a game of Neuroshima: Convoy, why not play as Moloch and destroy the pesky humans?   There are two decks in Convoy: Moloch and Outpost. The Moloch deck is the red one. Grab it and let’s take a look. Actually, first, let’s talk about goals. As the Moloch player, your goal is to make it to New York with at least a single surviving machine. This shouldn’t be too hard because your machines are awesome. The puny ...

ARTICLE: Rules Spotlight – Convoy 2.0 and Destroyed Cities

Reports were coming in every few hours. The Moloch was on the move, hitting every major settlement on their way. Every stop in their path lay in ruins. The surviving humans would have many years of rebuilding ahead of them. It was only a matter of time before the machines made it here. We were ready. New York would not fall.   Moloch is a Jerk In Neuroshima: Convoy, the battle constantly advances. The machines don’t stop for the meager resistance of a few feeble humans. At the end of each round, at least one District lays in ruins. If the Moloch player wins, they get to destroy 2 Districts. When all districts are destroyed in a city, it is left behind as the Convoy rolls on to the next target. There is one thing you ...

ARTICLE: About Designing Experience in Convoy

“A note of caution: there is a bit of strong language in this article.” It’s all super simple. One player commands Moloch robots and has to win couple of battles and in the end to destroy New York. The other player gets deck of The Outpost and has to stop them, has to slow and sabotages them. He needs to do whatever he can to not let Moloch reach New York. On one hand I had these powerful machines marching towards New York. O, man, I was having fun designing them. I wanted them to be big and deadly. I gave Strength of 3 to most of the cards, I gave Strength of 4 to some of them and I even gave Strength of 5 here and there. Why not, huh? Huge robots that will destroy New York in a heartbeat. The moment Moloch player gets his cards, he will smile, ...

ARTICLE: The Convoy is Coming, Are you Ready?

Neuroshima: Convoy, 2nd Edition rolls into your hands at Essen Spiel 2015. We are extremely excited to bring this new edition to gamers world-wide. We cleaned up a few spots, streamlined a few others, and tweaked the art and graphic design… and, I must say, the game looks simply amazing. Years before that hard work, however, Ignacy had to design the game… and as always, there’s a story about that. From his blog a few years back, a story about the… fun… of designing Convoy in a weekend. I could do it better I tend to complain about games. I never do it on public, I never write reviews of bad games, I never criticize games or designers aloud but generally speaking, I am a complaining player. During a game I often say: ‘Nice game, but I could do it better.’, or ‘Great idea, but I could do it better’, or ...

Portal Games announces Neuroshima: Convoy, 2nd Edition

Portal Games announces Neuroshima: Convoy, 2nd Edition An asymmetric, 2 player card game set in the Neuroshima universe. Gliwice, Poland – August 24th, 2015. Today, Portal Games announced Neuroshima: Convoy, 2nd Edition the latest release in the Neuroshima world from designer Ignacy Trzewiczek. Originally published in 2012 as The Convoy, Neuroshima: Convoy, 2nd Edition is an asymmetric card game for 2 players. With all new graphic design and streamlined play, this edition will be both familiar and refreshing to fans of the original game. The Moloch has set its sights on New York City. Determined to crush the resistance forces of humanity, the convoy of wretched machines march across the barren wasteland determined to crush everything in its path. Humanity is not about to give up, however, and the Outpost ...


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